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[Black series] ☁ Awan by Popi super tissues ☁

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☁ Awan by Popi ☁ 3ply super tissues

No.1 LotionSoft super tissues from Popi 🧴+ 🧻 = ☁️
Looking for the best tissues? 👸🏻 Itchy red nose is very annoying? 😡 Hate pimple as much as we do? 😩
No worries, Awan by Popi is HERE ! Now you can clean yourself more comfortably with No.1 LotionSoft super tissues. 🥰

Awan by Popi 3 ply Super Tissues

  • Popi Categories: Super tissues 🦸🏻‍♂️🦸🏻‍♀️
  • Specialty: Very very Comfy ☁ best facial tissues in 🇲🇾 🏆
  • Specs: 120’s [Premium box tissues]; 9 boxes in 1 GIFTBOX 💝
  • Material: 100% Virgin wood pulp + Unique lotion formula + Oral-safe antibacterial
  • Lotion Infusions: contains Hyaluronic acid, Coconut glycerin, Squalane & Sorbitol ( All these are good for skin )
  • Sheet Size: L size ( 20cm x 18cm )

Little backstory 💁🏻‍♂️
Ever wonder how ☁Awan by Popi☁ got its name? We realized that Super tissues 🤧 and Clouds ☁️ are very similar. So what Pops-up in your mind when you think of ☁clouds☁? softtt?? little moist??? must be very comfy?? magical? You know what, that’s exactly how Super tissues feel like. 😇 that's how the name ☁️ Awan by Popi ☁️ came by 😅

Besides, it is a shame to say "We Malaysian see clouds every day but some of us might not know how to refer ☁️ in our national language." 😏😑🤭

So with Awan by Popi, we hope one day every Malaysian can recognize ☁Awan☁ ✌🏻

5 things you should know about Awan by Popi before buying 👨🏻‍🏫

  1. Awan by Popi is the best facial tissues in the market 🇲🇾🥇
  2. Awan is very very comfy so you won’t get itchy red nose when you clean your nose water 🥰
  3. Research shows 99% of Sinus people is suffering from Itchy red nose because they clean their nose water with normal tissues 😩
  4. We usually use tissues on our skin & Lotion is good for skin. So we pair them up and make Lotionsoft Super tissues ( In case your friend ask "wahhh why are your tissues so soft so comfy?" ) 😅
  5. All Popi super tissues are Dermatological tested. This means Everyone can enjoy Awan including Acne skin 🤓 Itchy sinus nose 🤧 Precious baby skin 👩🏻‍🍼

1 more thing from our founder : 🥸 "In my opinion, Awan by Popi is the first and only facial tissue in Malaysia that qualified as Skincare tissues. No Bullsh*ts 👌🏻"

Fun fact about Awan 🙃

  • Awan is actually cleaner than our drinking water. Research shows (with bacteria colony count as the measurement; drinking water<50CFU/g | super tissues<20CFU/g) 👩🏻‍🔬
  • Everyone thought Awan is similar to normal tissues 🤦🏻‍♀️ but it actually has very different texture compare to normal tissues.
  • Sometimes our founders thought Awan doesn't really make any business sense because they never pick any cheaper alternatives. They only use the best of the best materials for Awan; From raw material, packaging material to manufacturing process. My guess is they really want Awan by Popi to be the best facial tissues in Malaysia & glad to say it actually is the best now ☺️ Thank you Popi founders 💐💐

OK feel like buying already?? Check if you are qualified 😜
You will need Super tissues ONLY when

  • You got Sinus 🐽
  • You got Sensitive skin 🍓
  • You Pamper yourself too much 👸🏻
  • Your loved one is merajuk 😉
  • Don’t know what to buy for your loved one 🎁
  • Basically you enjoying life now 😉

Beautiful Reminder for you: " Enjoy Simple Happiness 🌈 Everyday is beautiful ❤️ You can do it 👌🏻"

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